About Us

Welcome to The Bird Table for Mums. We are so glad you’re here. We’ve made The Bird Table as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality of professional coaching.

Please take a while to read about The Bird Table for Mums: the groups, the workshops, the background and the ethos of this organisation. We’d love to hear from you and hope you’ll get in touch to introduce yourself, by email, on Facebook or by phone on 07921 640 486.

Lisa Carter

Introducing Lisa Carter, who leads The Bird Table for Mums

Lisa is qualified to run this part of the business in so many ways. Which shall I tell you first?
That she is a coach of humility and generosity trained to postgraduate standard in Personal & Business Coaching? That she is mum to beautiful teenage twin girls? That she relocated across Europe when the babies were tiny, and rebuilt their life in support of hubby’s job? That she gained a distinction in her Occupational Psychology Masters? That she has a background in recruitment and careers advice? Or shall I tell you the best bit? She is one of the warmest most compassionate humans that I know, with a deep commitment to helping others get on their feet. She’ll share her worst moments as easily as her most sparkly ones, with no hint of an edge. She’s a gem of a coach and we’re lucky to have her.

Lisa Carter heads up our team of Bird Table Coaches for Mums, based in Northamptonshire please get in touch here, if you’re a local mum.

We have a team of coaches all running groups for women across the UK and into Europe. If you are interested in joining a group near you, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are a coach who specialises in coaching women, please find out more about The Bird Table Coaches here. We’d love to hear from you.


Aly King

About me

I’m Aly King-Smith, Founding Director of The Bird Table Group Ltd. I have a real passion for raising the issue of equality, and believe the country will be in better shape for everyone when we can get more women into decision making places and positions with equal clout.

The Bird Table is a dream come true. We’re growing fast; we’re working hard with astonishing coaches and women members across the UK and Europe and I really believe the small, confidential, no pressure environment of the groups is making a profound difference. If you’d like to read about my background you can find me at www.clearworkscoaching.co.uk. But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. I hope you’ll take a break from your gorgeous family and give yourself time to think.

  • "Aly has a completely calm yet courageous way of challenging. Her integrity and challenge is the key to why I keep going back."
  • "I didn't know what to do, was trapped going around in circles. Aly identified from one meeting what it is that is important to me and the gap that was causing me to feel unsatisfied."
  • "Aly helped me realise what part I played in the dynamics in my team. I thought my team was behaving badly, but I came to understand the part I played in the whole game. I could take control of my own actions and recover my courage."
  • "I was in a more positive place as I found away to define what I want and how to get there."
  • "Hand on heart, I can say that I have changed my life since that first meeting. Would I have done it without help? Maybe, but I know that it would have taken me much longer, wasting time looking in the wrong directions or for alternatives that wouldn't have been sufficient in the long term."