Back to work Bird Table

How are you ever going to decide what on earth to do with your career, while you juggle your family, your life, the universe and everything?

Career Coaching can help you gain clarity, confidence and a new direction. You are NOT alone. We promise that coaching will help you and your bank balance.

Join one of our small, confidential groups of mums to meet like-minded women going through similar experiences to you.

Getting Back to Work

Getting back in to the workplace is different for every new Mummy. Some Mums are happy to return to their original job. But we see lots of women, from many different industries, who don’t want to go back to the same job or role they did before baby came along but have no idea where to go next.  They often hold themselves back with issues of lost confidence, or lost direction.  Sometimes the confidence is there, but the logistics don’t work.  And occasionally Mummy’s keen, but Daddy needs some convincing! There are so many complexities to the decision “what should I be?” Come and talk about it. We promise it’ll help.

Launching a Business

There is a unique challenge for Mums who run a business, which needs to be acknowledged. Running your own business and being a mum can leave even the most together women in need of some outside help. Group Coaching for mums with their own companies, however large or small they may be, is massively impactful and brings a fantastic return on investment. If you want a much better chance of success in building your business as a Mumpreneur, then work with a Bird Table Coach.

Managing Maternity Leave

Lots of businesses realise that if they help their mums to manage maternity leave and return to work, in a way that suits them, they have a much better chance of retaining that brain for the long term. You can make your maternity leave much more fulfilling by planning your work strategy in advance and your employer can save their business a fortune in recruitment and training costs.

Some women want to spend their maternity leave bathed in a glow of babies, talc and soft lighting, while others want to be able to attend the monthly business meeting throughout the leave period. What do you want? How are you going to get that? Coaching can help you plan ahead so you can manage your maternity leave effectively.

Juggling work & motherhood

Being a Mummy and having a career in today's world with our complex lives is not easy. 'Overwhelm' seems to have become a noun, as Mums tell us all the time that they are struggling with 'Overwhelm' and the constant feeling of 'how the heck can it all fit in?' and the inevitable guilt that gives. Coaching can help you manage yourself, your family, your home, your job, your week - your life!

  • "Aly has a completely calm yet courageous way of challenging. Her integrity and challenge is the key to why I keep going back."
  • "I didn't know what to do, was trapped going around in circles. Aly identified from one meeting what it is that is important to me and the gap that was causing me to feel unsatisfied."
  • "Aly helped me realise what part I played in the dynamics in my team. I thought my team was behaving badly, but I came to understand the part I played in the whole game. I could take control of my own actions and recover my courage."
  • "I was in a more positive place as I found away to define what I want and how to get there."
  • "Hand on heart, I can say that I have changed my life since that first meeting. Would I have done it without help? Maybe, but I know that it would have taken me much longer, wasting time looking in the wrong directions or for alternatives that wouldn't have been sufficient in the long term."